Wednesday, 7 February 2018


I own it.
I won’t give it up.
It can’t be stolen from me.
I won’t negotiate.
It can’t be manipulated from me.
You can’t take it by force.
You can’t beg for it.
You can’t buy it.
It can’t be cured away.
It can’t be cried away.
If I die before it, I will take it to my grave.

It’s mine, all mine. I am resolute. I am stubborn. I am dedicated.

I sleep with it.
I eat with it.
I run with it.
I walk with it.
I scream at the darkness with it.
I self pity with it.
I celebrate with it.
I hold it.
I drive with it.
I dream with it.
It’s with me when I wake up.
It’s with me when I go to sleep.

The suffering is the only, and last thing that connects me to you.

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